E3 2014 Round-Up- Dying Light

Dying Light is an upcoming first-person, open world zombie-bashing game from Techland, who previously brought us Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, which were also first-person, open world zombie-bashing games. In fact, Dying Light started out as a sequel to Dead Island before the developer realized that their new features, which include free-running (parkour) as well … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up- Evolve

This one has been on our radar for a while, but it got a new trailer with a shiny new monster reveal at E3, so we figured we’d share it with you. Evolve is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who brought us the frenetic co-op zombie shooters Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. In … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up- DOOM (Doom 4)

I’m afraid there isn’t too much to say about this one just yet, other than visually it looks pretty amazing, which is pretty much what we expect from developer id Software and their new publisher, Bethesda. Doom 4 was announced way back in 2008, but has since been described as being stuck … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up- White Night

Indie developer OSome Studio’s White Night looks like it could be very interesting, if you are into interesting. Until most modern horror games, which are all about screaming monsters and bullet count, White Night is a game that seems to harken back to the earlier roots of horror, claiming the work of such luminary … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up- H1Z1

We talked a little bit about Sony Online Entertainment’s new PS4 exclusive zombie MMO H1Z1 a couple of months ago when it was first announced. Sony provided a couple of trailers and a lot more information at this year’s E3 that we thought we should share with you. H1Z1 is … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up-

The trailer for the first Dead Island game was poignant, artistic, strangely effective, and even heartbreaking, even if the game itself was none of those things (though it was an entertaining zombie-bashing blast). Here’s the original trailer: So they decided to go about as far in the other direction as … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up- The Last of Us: Remastered Edition

If you didn’t get a chance to play the absolutely incredible The Last of Us on PS3 yet, you might want to hold off. The game has been remastered in high-def for the PS4. The new game will run in 1080p and will sport higher resolution character models, improved shadows … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up- The Order: 1886

Last year a brief trailer debuted for a mysterious PS4 exclusive called The Order: 1886. Beyond the fact that it was set in an alternate Victorian England and featured a steam-punk inspired take on squad shooter gameplay, not much was known about it. This year’s trailer shows us some pretty … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-Up- Bloodborne

Bloodborne is a promising new PS4 exclusive designed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the twisted genius who brought us both Dark Souls and Demon Souls. It takes place in a darkly Gothic 18th century, complete with tricorn hats, and, like its predecessors, is described as an action RPG. It also features very … Continue reading

E3 2014 Round-up- Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation looks like it could be the Alien game that everyone has been waiting for, the one promised by Aliens: Colonial Marines before it fell far short of that promise. Alien: Isolation is being developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega. It follows Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s … Continue reading